Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And in the back of my mind..

I've been thinking about Friday. Zachy has his yearly cardiology appointment. I hate them. Truly. It makes me all a ball of nerves. I just wish we could blink and Zachy's heart would never have been sick. What I wouldn't give to take that all away. Unless it meant giving up my Zachy, then forget it.
Last year, our old card had mentioned do a 24 halter monitor on Zach this year. We'll see what the new card says. He has quite a significant murmur, and it is what they focus on when they do his echo. It is caused by the placement of his suture line, and they stare at that white line for what seems like ages, before declaring it fine.
Anyway, just keep us in your thoughts, and pray that his heart is just as healthy as it was last year!


momofmany said...

I will think good thoughts for Friday!

Maria said...

i will say a prayer that all goes well!! i'm SOOOOOO happy for you that you only have to go once a year!! we FINALLY get to go in 6 MONTHS!!!WWWWOOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOO!!! we were doing it 4 times a year!! so we have moved up a bit!!

GOOD LUCK! let us know what happens!! hey, just to let you know, matthew does NOT have a murmur!! isn't that wierd? i couldn't believe it when he told me that!!

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