Monday, May 8, 2006

And since the water still isn't boiling...

I will write to say that I am feeling MUCH better. I am off all pain meds and so am not nearly as tired.
One week makes a big difference.
Now I do have a question. Could I take a sleep aid? I mean, just for one night. I hear the ads about waking up refreshed! Since Zachy isn't in our bed anymore, and waking me up all throughout the night, I'm having a hard time sleeping. Isn't that just crazy? My body is just used to waking up. But now, everyone is sleeping through the night, and I would like to also.
I crave just one full night sleep, so that I can wake up nice and I haven't in oh...about 10 years!!
What do you all think??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey bekki, My peri told me to take a bendryl (sp) 1 hour before bedtime. She said it’s the same thing as Tylenol PM but without Tylenol. It worked for me

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