Thursday, May 11, 2006

Random pictures

The weekend before my surgery, we went to the zoo. We'd never been to this zoo. It's alright. Definitely not the best we've been to, but better than none I guess.
These are just some random pictures we took

This is my adorable Collin. The kid is so funny. I love him so much. He is always acting so silly. I told him I wanted to take his picture and to say cheese!

This is one of our guinea pigs. Illustrating the fact that we saw capyburas at the zoo, you know...the giant guinea pigs. LOL

I always have thought this is a type of spanish moss. I could be wrong though. But it is funny stuff. It falls off the trees looking just like this. Matthew is absolutely terrified of it, and Dillon carries it and chases him with it. It's quite funny, because's moss. Matthew is just sure it is something gross though.

One of the boys took this picture of the grizzly bear. Doesn't he look so sad? Like he's saying, "please....let me out!"

My favorite guys!!

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