Friday, May 19, 2006

Health fair

I took the kids to a health fair today. It was at a private school and the kids put it on. It was all about your body. There were real kidneys, eyes, brain, heart, and a rabbit that was all opened up.
Matthew thought it was quite gross, while Dill thought it was pretty cool, and he touched everything.
I don't think that Collin got that it was real stuff from inside your body. Zach slept the whole time.
As for me, I got sick to my stomach because of the strong fermaldahyde (sp?) smell. Oh man, I could never be a science teacher. Ick.
It's hot here today, so we've hung out inside all day long.
The kids are almost done with their books for the year. By the end of next week they'll be done. YAY! I'm so ready for school to be done for the year.


Rebekah said...

Hooray for summer!!! I can't wait either, girl!! Mabe this summer we can meet up somewhere between my house and yours! Yay!! Have an awesome weekend! :)fpr

Gina said...

that fair sounds so cool! wish we had something like that, I know Canaan would get a kick out of it. :)

Vicki said...

The fair sounds like it was pretty neat. I am glad that you have the opportunity to do things like that with the kids. I am glad that you guys are almost done for the summer. Summer vacation was always the best as a kid, seemed to be the time for making great memories doing fun stuff with my family and friends.

Although, your kids are pretty lucky cause they get to make those memories with you all year long. I am glad that homeschooling is working out so well for you.

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