Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wit and Grease

My in laws are quite witty. Well, my mother in law and sister in law and hubby are. My father in law...not so much...which is why we get along so well, I'm sure of it. Everyone likes to pick on us! Brother in law falls in the middle. He could really care less if he is witty or not.
But, for the fourteen years that I have been a part of these people's lives, they have ridden me about my lack of wit. In the recent years, my mother in law and sister in law have told me I'm getting a bit better.
I try. I really do. Mostly, I embarass Matt. I feel for him, but obviously not too badly because I'm about to knowingly embarass him right now. He never really finds me funny, he just pokes fun at my attempts to be funny. And if it is public, he just buries his head thinking, "she is sooo not funny, no one will think this is funny" But nevertheless, I persevere! Which leads me to my greatest wit accomplishment.
It happened this weekend. We were in Houston seeing my dad and step mom. We were at a restaurant. Michele (step mom) had ordered a petite steak. When they brought it out, it was TINY! I mean..TINY!! We all joked about it being so small, and without missing a beat, I said, "if it were any smaller, it'd be a bacon bit" . Everyone but Matt, thought it was pretty funny, and I was feeling really proud of myself until I saw the look on Matt's face that said, "she is just embarassing herself".
Oh well. I still find it funny. And I do think it was the best I've come up with. Sorry to embarass you honey, but I'll never be the witty girl. I'll forever be the girl that the witty people poke fun at.
I found the greatest find at Wally World the other day. In a totally unexpected place. We were looking at bike tire pumps when I glanced to the right. And what did my eyes behold?? A DVD of GREASE 2!!! For...drumroll please....$5.50!!! You know I wasn't passing that up. Well, if you know me, you know I wasn't passing it up.
I have come to think that maybe Matt wants a motorcycle because of the movie. Because I love to sing:
If you really wanna know
what I want in a guy
well I'm looking for a dream
on a mean machine
with hell in his eyes.....
Only when I sing it, I picture myself looking as beautiful and sexy as Michelle Pfeifer, which is the furthest thing from the truth. But maybe Matt thinks I really want a cool rider. I always was attracted to those bad boys. It's how I first was attracted to him, but he tricked me good! He was so far from bad.
Anyway, my love...I don't really want a cool rider. I really just want you. So there is really no need for you to desire a motorcycle so much. Can we just lay that to rest?? :-)


Erin said...

I admit it...I laughed (hard) at the bacon bit comment. LMAO!!

anna said...

The main problem with the "bacon bit" pun is that steak and bacon come from two totally different animals. =)

matt said...

That's what I said. It would have been funny if it had come from a porkchop. But I'm not embarassed. Just sympathetic.

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