Saturday, June 10, 2006

What I've done this week

Well, it has been a pretty lonely week for me. So I've thrown myself into some projects.
You'll recall, Matthew's bed broke awhile back. So while they have been gone I have transformed the rooms. What once was the playroom, is now Zachy and Collin's room. And Dilly and Matthew have their own room. I've had great fun organizing all the toys, and feel so good about it. Of course I'm sure things won't stay so organized. But I downsized alot. And everything has a place where it belongs now. It just feels good in their rooms. I hope Matthew and Dillon like theirs as much as Zach and Collin like theirs. I have a few finishing touches on Collin and Zach's room, but then I'll take pictures and show you all their new and improved rooms. I promise the pictures are coming..along with the outside pictures.
I also deep cleaned my whole house. Which took me all week long.
But on Friday I had a date.
I met my new friend, Maria, and her two sons at McDs so that the kids could play and we could talk. Her darling son, Matthew, has the same heart defect as Zachy, which is totally amazing because TAPVR is SO rare. So, we shared stories. And hers is a much tougher story. I could easily have spent the entire time in tears, but I fought them back. There is just something about hearing other people's ordeals. They were told, after the son had been on the bypass machine for 5 days, that they had to take him off and he would pass away sometime during that day. I would have been a wreck. And yet, they held it together, they had a birthday party for him, and talked to him the entire time, while waiting for him to pass. There were no tears shed in his room, Maria didn't want sadness around him. These are some of the strongest people I know, I'll tell you that much.
The rest of the story goes, that we went to his second birthday party in May. The child defied all odds. So many times, he defied them.
We are so incredible fortunate. The only time we were told Zachy could pass was in the context of...if he doesn't have this surgery..he WILL die, there is no way around it. But after surgery, he did great, and it wasn't a concern.
Anyway, Maria, I so enjoyed our time, and I so enjoyed getting to know your family better, and hearing your story. I'm sorry I'm such a sap!
The important thing here is that children DO pass away from TAPVR, and both our kiddies are here with us. PRAISE GOD! And they are both such a joy to everyone around them, I think they know, somewhere deep inside, how lucky they are to be here.
Today was church, and Collin and Zach did so well. I was so proud of them sitting so quietly through the whole service. Of course, we sat behind a couple with a little girl who is just over a year. They played with her over the pew and Collin leaned over and told me we needed a baby. A boy after my own heart! Hehe!
Tomorrow, I leave at 7:30 to pick up my boys! And then...the nice clean house...will be destroyed with luggage and laundry. I can't wait!


Crayonsetc said...

Oh, cleaning... sounds fun. When I stop procrastinating and get off this computer, I will begin doing the same thing while dh is in Boston!!!

Maria said...

hola bekki!!
wow, come on over to MY house and you can definetly clean HERE!! HEHEHEHe...i need to get my act together and just toss so many things away and just CLEAN!!!

bekki, i had such a WONDERFUL time with you and your boys on friday! you are right, when i hear others! to see pics of little zach....he went thru the same surgery as matthew....amazing! our kids are just AMAZING! and THANK YOU for telling me zach's amazing story!!

i am so happy that we are friends! we MUST get together again someday SOON!!! :) oh, and i have you CD of the presentation READY!! :)


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