Friday, June 2, 2006

Appointment update

Zachy had his yearly cardiology visit today.
It went really well.
I had told him that there would be no ouchies, just tickles. When we got in the room, I showed him the wand they would put on his chest to see his heart and the screen where he could see his heart. I also told him there would be lots of slime.
He did really really well for the echo and ekg. He would say, "no ouchies mommy" and "tickle tickle mommy" I was so proud of him. And he thought his "stickers" were pretty cool, even if they hurt a bit coming off.
Everything looked great. YAY!!
However, the dr wanted him to do a 24 hour holter monitor. So he hooked him all up. I asked the dr if it would be hard to keep it on him. He told me no, as long as he had a shirt on.
Well, we got home, I went in to start laundry and right away Zachy came to me saying, "all done mommy" with all the electrodes off. That made them lose their sticky. So the dr said we could just use tape. Since then, it's been a battle to keep the tape stuck to him. Matt did it pretty well tonight.
It kind of freaks me out. It sends me back to too many terrible memories, seeing him with all kinds of wires coming off of him. Ick.
Depending on how the monitor looks, will determine how long until the dr wants to see him again. I'm really afraid it will be like a several year thing. And while that must sound great to you all, it scares me. I like knowing that he is doing good.
So there you have it. Good news. Phew!


Mama Gina said...

so glad for the good news!
and yeah, I couldnt see a young kid keeping that on longer than 5 minutes. LOL!

Crayonsetc said...

Yay! I wish I lived closer... I have a whole package of electrodes in my bathroom left over from my event monitor!

I can definitely understand both sides... you like going in and knowing he is ok... but at the same time, he is doing great and doesn't need to go as often!

Maria said...

YAYAYAYAY!! that is GREAT news that all looks well! i KNOW that all will look well on the strip!!

sorry to hear that he pulled them off!!! :)

Rebekah said...

Hi, Bek! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! :)

gina (uk) said...

Way hay ! brilliant news.

Gina said...

Woohoo, Zachy! Such great news! And, yeah, did they really think a 2 yr. old would leave that on for 24 hours? Hope everything continues to go well! Give him kisses from Auntie Beana!

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