Friday, June 16, 2006

Picture overload

OK, these aren't the pictures I promised you, I'll take those later today. But last night, the kids wanted to go swimming, except the pool was closed due to lightening. We didn't see any lightening, but whatever! Anyway, we took the kids to this mexican restaurant Maria told me about. With a big ole play place. The kids had a blast.
The pictures were all going to be in one entry and in order, but that didn't work out. So here they are!

This one was not taken at the restaurant! In case you couldn't tell. It was taken several days ago, Zachy zonked out on the landing of the stairs.

Matthew posed for this picture for like a minute. What a wierdo! LOL

Fun times!


The first time I went around to watch them come down these slides, Zachy actually caught air on that bump, so after that we went down very slowly!

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