Thursday, June 1, 2006

These things are not good

I have lost my keys. I'm sure I just saw them. But alas...where? I've searched nearly everywhere...and no keys.
Yesterday, the boys were all in there room playing and I went in to talk to them. Matthew was sitting on his bed, which happens to be a top bunk. All of a sudden there was a "POP" and one of the main support boards just snapped. There is no way to fix it. He wasn't being rough or anything, and the boy doesn't even weigh 60 pounds yet. Just..POP. So, he slept with Zachy last night, and Dillon complained that everyone got to sleep on the bottom, so he slept with Collin. I told Matt we should just push the two bottoms together and make it a king size bed and let them all sleep together!
Seriously though, I don't know what we will do about the bed. Not good.


momofmany said...

I can't ever find my shoes or my keys. We now have a key basket, it's helped a lot.

Crayonsetc said...

The king size bed would be fine... til they all grow and then you are fitting all these BIG BOYS in 1 bed... :)

Hope you find your keys!

Mama Gina said...

my youngest two prefer to share the full size bottom bunk. sometimes all the boys pile in there. :)

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