Thursday, June 8, 2006

Funny kid

Yesterday, I was being ultra nice, and I ordered the boys happy meals. They are giving out miniature build a bear animals right now. There are ones for girls and boys. In the picture, the girl one was a bunny. Well, Collin wanted that bunny. So when the girl asked if I wanted girls or boys, I said girls. Well, Zachy got a frog and he got a bear, with a pink dress.
Fast forward to today.
We were out and about and they were playing with the animals. When we got to the store they asked me to put the clothes on them. So I was dressing Collin's bear thinking, "kids are so great, they have no clue that it probably isn't socially acceptable these days for Collin to be walking around with a bear in a dress". Right as I was thinking that, Collin says, 'I hope nobody laughs at me' I said, 'for what?' 'For having a a DRESS'
What a hoot. How did he know what I was thinking?

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