Tuesday, June 6, 2006


I just got a phone call. It was Dillon. Poor thing said he just called cause he really misses me. :-( He said he is having fun, but that he has tried to talk to Matthew and Matthew refuses to talk to him. Matthew will be getting a talking too. GRRRRRRRR
Poor thing, he sounded so sad.
He was pretty excited that he got to go water skiing, and he said he actually got UP!! WOOHOO Dillon!!
He also asked if I would send him mail. I told him I had, and that maybe he'd get it today or tomorrow. It isn't far away, so it is possible to get it today, even though I mailed it yesterday. I hope so. He needs a spirit lifter upper.
Anyway, I'm sure he'll adjust and have more fun. He said he is getting really tired though walking up all the stairs. He has been taking his allergy meds and his inhaler twice a day. I just hope this doesn't send him into an attack. I can always tell when he needs his inhaler, and that is when he is getting tired walking up the stairs. This must be killing him. :-(
Gosh, when I was at camp they didn't ever let you call home, I'm not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing to be able to call home. We'll see.
And to think...this is the kid that said, 'this is my stop...I'll see ya later' LOL Goofball!


Maria said...

awwwww...poor dillon! i hope that he does not have an attack! sounds like he is having fun! what camp are they at?

Mama Gina said...

my oldest two head to camp on thursday. *sniff* they love going, but man, its awfully quiet here those 4 days!

gina (uk) said...

Thats right, when we went away u were not allowed to phone. Lewis took his cell phone to France and was annoyed that I called him to see how he was. Last time I do that ! Hope they have a wonderful time. Matthew reminds me of my eldest sister, she would pretend she didn't know me and not talk to me !

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