Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh! I forgot to mention!

The difference in my boys's suitcases was amazing. I unpacked Dillon's first, if I would have openend them both at the same time, I would have taken a picture.
The most obvious thing was that Dillon must have brought half the beach home in his suitcase. There was sand everywhere. And his watershoes were laying in the middle of all his clothes, completely covered in sand. Also, their toiletries went there in a ziploc baggie to prevent leakage. Upon opening the case, no baggie, just toiletries...everywhere. Everything was smashed in the suitcase, in an effort to just get it closed.
I opened Matthew's and was amazed. First, his watershoes were slightly damp, so he had them wrapped in a garbage bag. No sand though, not sure how he left the beach where it was...Dill must have taken it already. His toiletries were in a baggie, in the zippered pouch on the top of the suitcase. His towels and clothes were folded as neatly as I would expect a 9 year old to fold.
The difference two years makes! Who knew??


Crayonsetc said...

That also might be the difference in the 2 kiddos :) You are such a great Mom!!!

Gina said...

Can I just tell you how much I miss you guys right now? I am such a sap! I have been in tears as I was reading all about the boys' camp experiences and hearing about Dill's hair getting lighter...I won't get to see his light hair this year! I miss you guys soooo much! Just had to let you know that you got me to cry today! *lol*

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