Wednesday, June 7, 2006

More pictures

Here is our moth. He is a sphynx moth. And is now in the wild.

My baby with his holter monitor on. By this time he was used to it.

The result of having the monitor on for 24 hours. He was much more red than the picture shows. Poor thing.

Dillon getting set up at camp. They had their suitcases on their beds to begin with, I'm sure they are on the ground by now.

Matthew on his bunk!


Gina said...

Poor thing! That looks like it had to hurt! And it must have been really hot having all that tape and wires on with the Texas heat! Oh, and I had to tell you that I HATE moths, so if that had been in my house I would have freaked out! Moths are sooooo disgusting! How's Dilly doing? Better, I hope. Love ya!

Crayonsetc said...

Want to know what is sad... I was almost that red just after my Stress Echo... I am allergic to adhesive... Ewww!! Poor baby. At least he doesn't seem to mind it!!

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