Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hoity Toity

When we moved here, Matthew was in the middle of orthodontic treatment. It just so happened, that our ortho. in Idaho had once been military and was stationed here. So he knew an ortho for us to go to. It's been nice because they have talked on the phone several times to discuss the best course of action.
The thing is in a really nice part of town. One of the most nice around, actually. And everytime I go there, I feel quite frumpy. I leave the house feeling like I look nice, and then I walk into this very nice office, and feel so..frumpy. I don't feel too bad usually, because Z's speech therapist lives in that part of town. They are loaded, and she always wears jeans and a t-shirt (totally off topic, she is due to have a baby in about a week, and the boys and I get to go see her when she goes home! I can't wait...I could so use some good baby news, I feel like I've been bombarded lately with bad baby news), so she makes me feel a bit better.
The ortho. is moving offices and today they were in a temporary facility. Which is an already established dentist office.
We walked in and holy cow...this place was like the Plaza of dentist offices. It was so nice. There were pillars and chandeliers and nice tiled floor, it was amazing. And here I come trotting in with 4 young boys. Dillon in a light green shirt and navy blue shorts that don't match, but he insists on wearing all the time. Collin in a blue shirt with a bleach mark on the shoulder that is almost 2 years old, but it has a picture of Goofy on it, so he must wear it all the time. Zachy in nice looking shorts and shirt...with big rainboots on! And Matthew looked ok, he was wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts, no biggie.
There was a different receptionist from the other office who nearly looked like she was going to faint when we walked in.
Of course, usually his appointments take like 5 minutes, but today we were in there about 45 minutes. And of course my little ones got antsy. They really were doing well, but the receptionist just kept giving me dirty looks.
And then...Zachy spotted two fake trees. He walked over, and immediately started licking one (please..don't ask me why he does this. I have no idea, but it happens often!) and he realized it was fake. He then looked up and started grabbing the leaves off the tree!! Thankfully, the leaves snap right back on, but as I was putting it all back together I could feel her eyes burning a hole in my back.
I was never happier to leave the orthodontist.
Honestly, I was thinking while I was there, that had I known what a hoity toity neighborhood I was going to, I would have chosen a different ortho, just for fear of not fitting in, but the fact is..we pay just as much for Matthew's care as the hoity toity people there. So why should I feel bad?

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Mama Gina said...

oh I hate it when I encounter places like that. *ugh* makes me want to pull out a huge cigar and put on flip flops that died an eon ago and do my hair up in curlers really quick and give THEM dirty looks. LOL!!!

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