Wednesday, June 7, 2006

How Frustrating

OK, I was going to post lots of pictures. You see, my grandma now has DSL so I'm no longer concerned about load time. So, I was gonna let you have it.
But Blogger is being dumb. The following are the only ones I was able to get on here. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

In other frustrating news...the dumb ants came back as soon as the coffee grounds dried. So you know what I did? I pulled out the big guns. That's right..I got the roach killer out. I sprayed it in that hole like nobodies business. Folks, I have no idea if roach killer will kill the ants, but it's worth a shot. Originally, I thought, 'well at least it will kill the roaches' but do you all remember when they had eaten the tail end out of the beetle? I'm sure there are no roaches alive in a fireant hole. I'll keep you posted on the ongoing saga!

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