Thursday, June 22, 2006

Drama Drama

OK, so on the outside VBS is going great.
On the inside though...ugh.
Things happened last night. Not pretty things. It ended up with my family at the pastor's famiy's house till almost 11.
My problem is I can't please everyone, and I want to. And apparently I let people walk all over me.
This has been a rough learning experience, and I can only pray for peace tonight, although I'm not so sure that will happen. It all depends on whose feelings got hurt.
What a royal pain.
And then to top it off another man, totally unrelated to VBS came and started ranting and raving about things somewhat related to VBS, and yet not.
It was a MESS. *sigh* I have to say leadership is HARD, and I am glad I'm not the pastor! Good grief.


Shell said...

You were having such a good time! I'm sorry things went bad. It'll get better again I'm sure.

Papa said...

Your grandfather (my dad) has a great deal of wisdom. He would say "just look straight ahead. don't look right. Don't look left. Just look straight ahead".
You'll find that people like to take pot shots at 1. successful people and 2. leaders. becuase it's easy for them to take pot shots, and not easy to be a leader.
Just do your best.
"don't mind the mules, just load the wagon".

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