Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sing. Sing a song...

Sing out loud...
Sing out STRONG!

OK, that song just popped into my head. Sorry, sometimes you just have to break into song to liven the day.

Anywho..Collin often talk-sings. He carries on conversations...singing.
Today, as I was making oatmeal, he was standing beside me talk-singing....
oitey-meal...oitey-meal...I want hum oitey-meal!!!!!
I hab the hip-ups...I hab the hip-ups
whose oitey-meal is that? is it mine?

All in a sing song voice. I wish you could hear it, because it is so cute.

I haven't taken pictures yet, because my husband is home and he has a bad habit of taking the camera to work with him. Grrrrrrrr. When he gets home there is just too much going on for me to get pics taken. I will though..I promise!

Tonight I'm going to my first girl's night out. I'm super excited and hoping I might make some local friends. Wouldn't that be nice? Yes, Maria, you are my friend..I just hope to expand a bit! LOL And it's possible that the only friend I come out with is Maria, and that's ok too. We are going to dinner and a movie, and it should be FUN.


VBS starts next week, and honestly, we still have a lot to do. UGH. It's starting to get scary. But, in a little over a week, it will be over, and it will have been a flop, or great, or maybe somewhere in between. Any which way, we'll survive.


Guess who's been going peepee in the potty? Me? Well, yeah...but ZACHY!!! Last week he was naked(or nakey as he says) and started to pee on the floor. I said, "no no, not on the floor, let's go to the potty" and he said, "ok" and went! Yesterday, he was in underwear and kept peeing in them, so I stripped him naked and he kept running to the potty and went peepee every time, no messes. He did poop on the floor, but that will come in time! I washed diapers yesterday, and am secretly hoping it's the last time I'll wash them. It would be great if we could just go for underwear from now on! kids in diapers! That is totally foreign to me. There hasn't been a time in almost 10 years that no one has been in diapers. Can you imagine?


OK, I'm rambling, and I have to get ready to take Matthew to the I'm off. Have a great day!


Maria said...

hey!! WTG ZACHY!!! how exciting!! i hope that those diaper days are GONE soon for you!

soooo, you ready for tonight?! i hope you have fun! these ladies are WONDERFUL!!!! :) we shall see how the movie goes!! i heard mixed reviews of it!! i am SOOO HAPPY YOU ARE COMING!!! :)

Crayonsetc said...

Yah, but Rambling posts can be the best!!

Good luck with Zachy!! Running around naked is the best way to train them!!

I know how hot it has been here... How are you surviving down there??? I swear our weather chart looked like I was on Phoenix again with so many over 100!! Even Denver was 102 today!! 94 was plenty hot for us!! (tied the record high for the day!!)

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