Sunday, June 4, 2006

We survived and now they're gone

Well, we survived the 24 hour monitor. It was tough. But once it was time to take it off, he flipped. The tape hurt coming off, poor thing.
But alls well that ends well, I suppose! I hope we don't have to mess with that again for a long while!
Today, we took the eldest 2 boys to camp. This is their first year, and they have been looking forward to it so much. We checked them all in and got their cabin assignments, then took them to their cabins.
Dillon is in cabin 2, and Matthew is in 4. They are right next to each other, with cabin 3 being set back further. So we pull into the grass to park and unload them, and Dillon sees the number 2. We stop and he says, "well, this is my stop, see you in a week, bye" I about died. I told him he didn't get off that easily, that he had to at least let us walk him in and get him settled! Goofy kid.
Once inside, they were pretty excited because everyone was getting their swimsuits on to head to the pool. They had to do swimming tests to determine their level of swim ability. So that was cool. They got there, set up, and changed into their suits and were off with the rest of the kids in their cabin.
I miss them tonight though. I wish I could go tuck them in. And I hope they aren't homesick!! They are probably sound asleep by now, but the nighttime is always hardest when it comes to being homesick.
I'll mail them packages tomorrow and send off some letters. It's gonna be a long week!!


Crayonsetc said...

Yah, I felt the same way when K went to her first camp last summer. My family kept telling me she was too young. She LOVED it!!

It will be harder on you than them... but at least you still have 2 more at home :)

Vicki said...

Aww camp is such a sweet thing. I hope they are having a blast. the week will just fly by but the memories will last forever. I hope you are not missing them too much.

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