Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Could they be any cuter than this??

~*~*~*Hermie is a series of christian videos and books about a caterpillar~*~*~*~*

My kids found a caterpillar awhile ago. It was the biggest caterpillar I'd ever seen, and it was a brilliant green with blue stripes. We caught it and put in in our butterfly container. Thank goodness for the internet because I found out what type it was and learned that they needed dirt to dig down in and make their cocoon. So, we put dirt in and he dug down in there. We thought for sure he had died. But when I went to dump out the dirt I saw his cocoon.

I was just in the kitchen and glanced over at the butterfly container and saw a moth! And ugly brown moth, at that.

Collin was THRILLED and said, 'Zachy...look...our hermie is a butterfly!!'
It was so cute!
I'm bummed that the older boys missed it, cause we will have to let it go before they get home. Oh well...maybe another time!

1 comment:

Maria said...

how cool are YOU! see, i told you you were creative!! i bet that was a sight to see!

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