Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nameless Valley Ranch

My eldest kids will forever remember that name, and the fantastic week they spent there.
Their first year of camp.
The conference bought new land, so next year, it will be at a different location. But NVR will always be their first camp memory.
They are home now, and had an absolute blast. This just makes me so happy, I can't even tell you. To allow them this experience is something I will never ever regret, and I plan on them going to camp throughout their childhoods.
We watched a video of the week in review and I was nearly in tears. To see how much joy was on all those kids was awesome.
When I picked them up, they had loads of stories to tell me. And Matthew claims he has the best counselors EVER. I'm pretty sure he was their favorite too.
When I went to his cabin, his counselors were outside and they said, "we're just wondering how you do it" I was thinking, "oh, they're going to ask me how I manage with 4 boys" That is the usual question. But I said, "do what?" They said, "raise such an awesome kid, he was the best kid in our cabin. We asked him one time to do something and he did it, he was really great" I said, "well thanks" but was thinking, "they have to say these things, and probably tell every parent this" But one of the counselors walked with me out to the van to put luggage in and said, "I'm serious...he really was one of the best campers we have ever had"
Makes a mama proud!!!
Dillon was the youngest in his cabin, and next year all the other boys will be in camp the week after him. He is a bit bummed out about it, but I told him that by the time he is at the top of this age division, he will have been there 3 years, and the staff stays the same, pretty much. There is something to be said for being the oldest and knowing the ropes!
Dillon does look like he has aged a bunch this week. But I think it is because he got dark, and his hair got light. Matthew is pretty dark too.
Dill's counselor told me he had that one lonely day, but that was it, from that time on he was just great. He said he really didn't miss me that bad. Phooey on him!Hee!
Anyway, soon, Matt will be home too, and we will be together a it should be! HOORAY!


Crayonsetc said...

Glad they had such a great time!! I have the best memories of church camp when I was a kid!!!

I really need to run to council this week and see if there are still some openings for dd to go to GS camp this summer again. She so loved it last year!!

Maria said...

how AWESOME!!! i hope to send my boys when they are old enough to camp!! sooooo exciting!! sounds like they did GREAT!

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