Thursday, March 16, 2006


OK maybe not a huge deal, but to me it is totally icky.
Today, I am going to try on swimsuits. *gasp*
I found a good site online that sells suits at a reasonable price. The one I think I want is on clearance so nonrefundable. Well, I found an almost identical one at The Avenue. So I'm going to go and try it on and see what it really looks like. I'm praying it looks ok.
It is certainly not easy to swimsuit shop when you are a large woman. Especially when you are a large lady with small breasts!! My goodness, the swimsuit manufacturers just asssume that if you are a plus size then you have large boobs. Let me just tell you, my sister has always said I am a big pear. And it's true. I have no chest. Unless I'm nursing. Alot. Because I am getting smaller and smaller every day!
OK, enough about my bosoms!
Wish me luck. I have to do this now because the waterslide part of Sea World opens April 1 and you know I can't be the cause of the delay in us going there!!
Wish me luck!!


ERin said...

I am dreading trying on bathing suits.

Hope you have some luck.

anna said...

instead of thinking about how they look.....imagine the joy on your boy's faces when you are all going down the waterslides!!!!

Your sister said...

I don't remember ever calling you a "pear." Least of all not a "big pear." Are you sure you're remembering things correctly?

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