Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ovarian cyst revisited

Back in September I had a nice large ovarian cyst. It eventually went away, and I don't really remember huge amounts of pain, although it was painful enough to send me to the ER after it wouldn't stop.
I have another one. I've known for a couple weeks now. Same familiar pain.
Today, I bent over to pick something up, and when I went to stand back up, I nearly couldn't. The sharp pain in my lower abdomen was so bad.
Since then, the pain comes and goes. It reminds me, very much, of labor. These pains that come and you can barely stand it, and then they subside and you can get on with life.
I'm sure it is getting ready to burst, and boy howdy do I wish it would just hurry up. This pain is for the birds!


Erin said...

OUCH! Is there anything they can do for them? Does it cause damage if they burst?

anna said...

is it suppose to burst???????

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