Friday, March 17, 2006

The OC update and a thanks

First the ovarian cyst update. Since the day I wrote that I've not been in nearly as much pain. I still have pains but not like that day. Maybe it is leaking! LOL I don't know. Today my back is killing me, on the back side of my ovary so maybe it is just pressing on something else now. Who knows.
To answer my mil, yes, they have to burst to go away. Reminds me a giant pimple. I suppose they might be able to dry up on their own, but I don't think so.
I went to try on swimsuits last night. What a downer. The Avenue didn't have their suits yet. So I tried suits at Wally world. BAD idea. LOL So I guess I will just order a suit online and pray that it fits, if not I'll return it. They pay for shipping both ways, so what have I got to lose?
I've been getting many compliments lately on the pictures of my kids. Thanks. I know they are adorable, but it's nice to hear it. So thanks! :-)

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