Saturday, March 4, 2006

Oh yes! I almost forgot.. Q And A time!!

There have been a couple of questions on my blog the last couple days. I thought I'd address them for all who are interested!
So without further ado, let's get started.
Yes? You in the back. Ah yes, Robin, you had a question?
"yes, what is it with you and manatess?"
Ahh, the manatees. I can answer that.
It goes back a long ways. I was in fourth grade and sitting in the dermatologists office. I think I was there to have a wart treated,(growing up we got tons of plantars warts from being on swimteam and sharing the showers with everyone in town, I'm not sure why no one was ever smart enough to wear flip flops! But that's all beside the point..right, back to manatees)I was in the waiting room and I glanced down and saw the most unusual sight. There on the table was a National Geographic, with the picture of this strange sea animal and a DIVER. Now this was new. Was it a whale? Nope, not a whale. A shark? No, couldn't be. I had to pick it up and read it to figure out what in the world this creature was.
What I read started a life long love affair with the manatees. I love manatees more than any other animal. I would have my own ocean with them in it, if I could. I would even consider moving to Florida, if it meant we lived near the gulf. I love these animals so much, in fact, that when my sister told me she was naming her daughter Sirena, I thought, 'oh the manatee belongs to the Sirenia family, I will always think of a manatee when I think of my niece!'
These are the most incredible animals. They are able to adapt and live in salt and fresh waters with no problems. They are so gentle, that they are called gentle giants. I often think that if mankind could live like the manatees, our world would be so much better. They are enemy to no one, and no one is enemy to it. Except, of course, the dreaded MAN! We as humans, have made my manatees endangered. So sad. And we don't even do anything with them, just hit them with our stupid boats, trap them in our fishing nets, and kill them.
I have done more reports on manatees in school than any other topic.
And then, when I was a sophomore in high school, my dad did something incredible. He took me to Florida to dive with the manatees. A huge highlight of my life. Can you imagine jumping into the water, to look around you, and be surrounded by the most giant animal you have ever been so close to, and seeing them swim up to you! And why? So that you will scratch their heads! Like a dog! I will never forget my dad swimming in front of me, and a baby manatee grabbed my dad's flipper with his own flippers. My dad kicked like crazy, thinking I had grabbed him, but no it was just a playful manatee. We named that manatee, but I can't remember what we called him. He followed us around everywhere.
And so dear Robin, that is why I love manatees. They are awesome. I hope in heaven I am surrounded by them, really and truly.

OK, next question. You....yes you....Michelle.
'Doesn't it sometimes just amaze you that he's the same little guy who had to fight for his life?? '
Oh, yes, You are referring to Zachy. In short, yes. Every. Single. Day I think about it. I think of how lucky and truly blessed we are to still have that little miracle boy. And yes, it amazes me how well he has done. And I will never forget that.

That wasn't too many questions. But there you have it.

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Robin said...

Thanks for the explanation and congrats on the 8.5 lbs. where are you tonight?

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