Thursday, March 9, 2006

It all started as a wart appointment

It went a totally different direction though!

Dillon has a wart on his finger that has been driving him crazy. So, yesterday I said, "ok, let me make an appointment" For some reason I thought that would be easier than buying compound W!
Then I got to thinking that while we were at the appt I would have to ask for some refills for his allergy meds.

So today, at the appointment, I tell the dr we need some more allergy meds. I also told him that I was concerned because Dill is tired walking up stairs, and every year has at least one episode of not being able to breathe, and needing breathing treatments. We, thankfully, own our own nebulizer now so it isn't a big deal.
When I told him this, he said, "has he ever been tested for asthma?" I told him no. He was astounded when I told him this had gone on since Dill was 2.

He performed a test where Dillon had to exercise for a bit, blow into a contraption, receive a breathing treatment, and blow again.
Apparently, normally it takes about 20 minutes for an asthmatic spasm to occur. But time was short so Dillon stepped up and down for about a minute. Whatever they measured with the contraption was supposed to be higher than 80%. His was 71%. His O2 Saturation was still at 97% though. After the breathing treatment, the level was 98%. The dr said he could not believe he hadn't been diagnosed with asthma sooner. Especially with them giving us a nebulizer and all.
So now, he is to take a steroid during the allergy season, every day, and if he has any episodes he does more.

I'm hoping though that this will help him with things like memory. I heard that delivering oxygen to your brain helps with your memory, and this child has none. So we'll see. Hopefully he'll at least be able to get up the stairs without huffing and puffing!

He listened to his lungs and heart and said, "has he ever been seen for his murmur?" I told him no, but that I had been pushing for it since Zachy was born. You see, when it was discovered that Dill had a murmur, the drs weren't totally sure it was harmless, but they decided that surely it must be. Well, Dr. F. said no way, with Zach's history Dillon is going to be followed up for this. So he gets to go see the cardiologist soon.

For someone who is always upset that it isn't his turn at the dr, he is sure going to make up for it right now!!!

Oh and by the way, the wart is being treated now too.


Crayonsetc said...

The reason he hasn't been diagnosed with asthma sooner is because out in the 'non-military' world ;) Doctors refuse to call it asthma under the age of 5. I can see a 2 year old that I know has asthma, but the doctors refuse to call it that. They will call it Reactive Airway Disease (RAD) but not asthma... but guess what asthma is? RAD :)

Glad this doc is following up on everything... does make me wonder about just putting him on steroids during allergy season... unless he means a steroid inhailer.

Keep an eye on his mouth... steroids cause Thrush. (totally bites!!)

Deb said...

poor kiddo hope things get better for him

Vicki said...

Hey Bek, Sounds like you guys have a great doctor there. Glad that he is taking everything seriously and at least checking it out. That is great.

maria said...

yeah for dr f!!! i LOVE those drs there at that practice!!! :) glad that they have helped your family! anyway, i hope that the steroid inhailers will help him along!!! good luck!

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