Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? ;-) Go ahead, admit it, you haven't given me a second thought. Oh wait, there are a couple of you who have.
Let's start with Vicki, over there at Flutterbees. Vicki is an online friend of mine. I've known her, oh...forever. OK, just since the late 90s, but it seems like forever. If you happen to remember my oooollllldddd website called Bekki's Deep End of the Ocean, that was done all by her. ANYWAY, get on with it, right? After writing my depressing entry about my appearance what should arrive at my door? Beautiful tulips!!! I was going, "who in the world is sending me flowers??" No one ever sends me flowers. Well, my sister did for my last birthday, but that's it. Vicki had sent them. With a note telling me that I am beautiful inside and out!
Can you believe it?? I smile everytime I look at them. I feel loved.
Thank you Vicki, you have no clue what it means to me to know people out there care!
Then there was Gina, over at Me, the kids & Mark, she offered to print out her blog and mail it to me so I didn't miss too much! LOL
And many others who popped in to say hello whilst I was away. Thanks for making a girl feel loved!
OK, so what did we do?
Well, my mom and stepdad were in town. So we went to our evangelical meetings. We also went to Sea World on Sunday. We showed them Matt's office, and took them to the River walk. Of course there was all the playing with the kiddies in between.
Collin was pretty heartbroken yesterday when I told him they had to leave today, and this morning when they left. He seems to be bouncing back ok. My mom made sure he understood that in a few months we would be up in Idaho visiting them. Course Collin said, "no, you stay HERE" Poor thing.
While we were at Sea World, we hit every single show. We also did most of the rides. We convinced Matthew to go on the Great White . It is an upside down roller coaster that you hang on. He was scared to death, but we convinced him it would be alright. And if he hated it he never had to go again. You have to understand that forever he has been loving the Steel Eel which is a super fast, super high rollercoaster that doesn't go upside down, but he just hasn't been able to brave the upside down one. He also hasn't been tall enough. Until Sunday. Matt and I went together for the first time, and we drug Matthew on too. He said that once we were locked in, he said to himself, "I am SO stupid" He wanted me to hold his hand. Halfway through, he threw my hand off of his and started raising his arms!! He got off and said, "that was SO awesome!" LOL My extremist....YAY!! He has informed us that this is his new favorite ride!
The weather was so crummy the whole time they were here. That's what I get. I've been telling them that it will be warm, and then a cold front blew through. I don't think it hit 80 at all while they were here.
So today, I'm working on catching up on my laundry, and getting things back in order. Which is always a pain after company, but it's worth it. If any of you want to come visit, you're more than welcome!!! I'll clean house after you leave too! :-)
OK this has turned long, and it's time to change laundry!


Shell said...

I am so glad that they are gone! lol Hehe, i just missed ya. It sounds like you had a good visit tho.

Vicki said...

I did miss you too Bekki, I checked your journal almost every day hoping for an entry. I am glad that you had such a great visit.

I am laughing about Matthews first ride on the new coaster. That is how June is... she LOVES the rides but gets so scared the first time.. then they are her favorites. Its cute.

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