Friday, March 10, 2006

Fat day

I am feeling so frustrated in this weight loss journey.
I feel like I'm working my tail off with little to no results. Yes, I know it says I'm down 9 pounds up there, but truth be told, it hasn't stayed at 9. I was down 9 pounds one day and put it up. I'm more realistically between 7 and 8 pounds. AND IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!!
I just want it gone. I'm so ready to just quit. Six weeks I've been at this. Normally when you are hugely overweight, the first many pounds come off so easily, because you were doing so poorly before. But apparently that won't be the case for me.
OK, so yeah, I had chocolate chip cookies, and DQ once, but for the most part I have been really good. And like today, I'm HUNGRY. I exercised this morning and have been starving all day. I think I've done ok though, I had a protein shake in the morning, a tiny bit of frosted mini wheats (like 5 mini wheats), some multi grain crackers, 2 pieces of wheat bread with peanut butter. Oh yeah, and some ice cream. I totally caved there. That's alot of food and I haven't even had dinner. I've been eating just salads for dinner, but tonight I'm making meatloaf, and I'm gonna eat it. Why am I so hungry today??
I thought I was doing good, some of my clothes are getting really too big, but at Sea World last weekend, we were up on the giant screen at the Shamu show, and I saw myself and thought, "my gosh, what a whale" It was terrible.

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