Sunday, March 5, 2006


OK, he stopped for a bit.
I just wanted to jot two things down.
Number one. It is SO cute when Zach says, "Matthew" he actually says ,"ma-moo" But the 'moo' part rhymes with 'you'. It is adorable. He hasn't gotten any of the other boys's names down yet.
OK, the second thing is tonight at our meeting, the speaker told us this bit of information. I'm sure it is common sense, but it was just a different way of looking at things. He said that faith doesn't prevent us from having hardships. Faith brings us through the hardships. See, like I said, common sense, but it makes lots of sense to me. Good sense. I think often people say things like, "I'm a christian, why is this happening to me?"
But bad things happen to everyone. It's our faith that gets us through them.
Good to know!
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