Thursday, March 16, 2006


I keep meaning to jot this down, but never do. Just some meaningless things.

Matthew and Dillon are going to camp this summer. They are beyond excited. Matt and I aren't sure what we'll do without them for a week! And I'm a wee bit concerned that they'll get homesick, but I figure they'll either love it or hate it. Either way it's only for a week and it won't kill them.
I am excited for them. I loved camp so much as a kid. I would still go if I could! LOL

In other news, we are working on landscaping our front yard. It seems strange to call it landscaping because we are just making a flower bed, but I guess that's what it is. It's exciting, and so far has been free. We have to go grab some soil and some rocks for Matt's river bed. He wants a rock river from the drainspout. The funny thing about that is that it never rains here. But that's ok. It will look cool anyway. For his birthday, I got him a solar windmill that lights up at night and a downspout cover thing. It is of these frogs rafting down a river, so it will go well on his river!

So fun. Well, he's doing all the work, it's fun for me to watch. Hehehe!


Erin said...

That was left my me. LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope the boys will love camp. I always did.

Have fun landscaping. We are doing the same thing around here. We will start this weekend.

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