Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Our new pets

HA! I tricked you! You were all going, "WHAT?? They got MORE pets?!!!"
Anyway, these are our geckos. These guys were here last year, and it looks like they like our house and are going to stick around this summer. So, I named them Fred and Ethel. I think it is so cool how geckos can camoflauge themselves. When you just look at them with the naked eye, they really look like the color of our house. It's strange to see a yellow looking lizard!

This is Fred. He hangs out way at the top of our two story house. This is why the picture is fuzzy, because my camera can only zoom so far. He is actually a lot bigger than Ethel, but I don't think these pictures portray that very well.

Here's Ethel. She likes to hang around on the first story wall. It's strange. They did this last year. Him up high, her down below. Must be a territorial thing.
She's quite small, and really cute. The boys always want us to catch her, but they are quick!

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