Thursday, March 30, 2006

Give me yellow jackets!!

Oh my goodness. When we left Idaho I was excited because I had heard that there aren't any yellow jackets in Texas. I have never seen yellow jackets like I did in Idaho, so many of them. But with the exception of the pesky mosquitoes and earwigs, I can't really remember other bugs. There was a stinky beetle in Idaho, but it was small and harmless.
Well, let me tell you, I'll take the yellow jackets. Since we've been here...oh man...first it was these bugs that make such a loud whistling sound here that when Zachy first heard it he covered his ears and started crying. Those beetles leave their shells places and it freaked Matthew out. But nothing too bad.
Then I got stung by a stupid africanized bee that left me with a hugely swollen leg for about a month. Not good.
Then Zach got attacked by the fire ants.
Now, at church, there are rattle snakes (copper heads and water moccasins as well but we've not see those) and the other day a bat was hanging on the side of the church. I can deal with these.
I then heard that at the camp I'm sending my precious children to there are scorpions. Lovely.
Last night, my house was invaded with beetles. I don't know what kind, I tried to find a picture, but nothing matches. Maybe I need to take my own picture. They are harmless, but I am not kidding you, I opened my front door last night and there were at least a hundred on my steps and door. ACK!! They keep flying in my house too.
OK, so yes, I can handle all of these. And for the most part they are harmless. I would just rather deal with the yellow jackets!


anna said...

Oh yeah....did I forget to tell you that one of the things I don't miss about the south is the bugs??????? And you haven't even mentioned chiggers yet. =)

Vicki said...

Yikes, that sounds just um pleasant. I hate bugs! Ewwww, I am feeling for you here Bek.

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