Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Sea World Pics

Even though I gave you a video already, I'll go ahead and post some still pics.

Here's Zachy playing in the kids water area. Doesn't he look like he is having such a good time?

Matthew and Dillon waiting for the water ski show to start.

Dillon showing off his muscles in the water.

Collin in the water.

This is the view of Matthew's roller coaster from the water ski arena. Those are the first three hills. I believe it has 6 hills after that. Maybe I'll count them this weekend!


anna said...

may i once again say.....4 of the 6 cutest grandkids in the entire world!!!!!

Deb said...

looks like they had fun

Vicki said...

Wow, in that picture of Matthew and Dillow, Matthew looks SO much like you. Great pictures of all the kids.

gina (uk) said...

I can't believe how Dillion has catched Matthew up these days ! Not much in it at all - where did the time go ?

Great photos of your men - as always :)

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