Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Blasted Birds

OK, we live in a city that Matt and I always say must have been where The Birds was filmed. There are more birds here than I have ever seen. It is not uncommon to drive past buildings whose rooves are black with birds. The power lines are always just covered with them. Fields..covered. It is amazing. These are big black birds that apparently aren't very nice. But then there are the song birds. The birds which I was hoping to attract with our feeders. Afterall, the people who lived here before us had several bird feeders and the birds loved them.
I have moved the feeders to the front yard. And STILL,no birds cometh. What gives? I'm about to give up, pull down the feeders, and hang up hanging plants. Then the birds will probably eat the plants!

1 comment:

Crayonsetc said...

Just wait... it is still cold up here... once it warms up, the birds will leave down there, cuz it will be TOOO HOT!!! ;)

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