Friday, February 17, 2006

After 9 years, I finally slipped up

Oh dear. I'm in trouble! LOL
Way back in high school, "pooptart" was a term of endearment I would use. Everyone was a pooptart, and my mom was Queen pooptart.
That term has gone by the wayside, you know, with maturity! Anyway, the other day my mil was talking to me and she said, 'what a pooptart' about someone. I about died, it was almost as funny as the slip up she had while playing a certain card game!
So the word has been brought to the surface of my brain, no longer buried.
Zachy was just being a total pill and in an exasperated tone I said, "Zachy, quit being a little pooptart!" Collin IMMEDIATELY pipes up, "poopart, why you hay poopart?" Now he's running around cracking up going "poopart!"


Robin said...

What were you thinking? ;-) Enjoy dinner, it's kind early, no?

Mama Gina said...

LOL! better than some of the things my kids come up with. *rolling eyes* LOL!

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