Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Keep on Truckin

I just finished another workout. Are you tired of hearing that yet? It just feels good.
I'm so upset though because I haven't hit my 7 pound mark yet. I feel I may be behind on my scheduled weightloss before we go to Idaho plan. I keep telling myself that I am building muscle and that someday, poof! a bunch of weight will fall off. HA! One can dream, right?
I told Matt about being behind in my goal and his response was, "why does there have to be a goal? why can't you just exercise and eat right and do what you can between now and then?" Such a man, I tell ya. No goals??? No...there MUST be goals. And rewards. Although, I've yet to come up with any rewards yet. Have to lose some weight first, right?
Let's hope that this is the week I hit my 7 pound mark!!!

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