Sunday, February 26, 2006

I've created little monsters!!

We are cleaning the house. We usually do this to some upbeat music. The boys discovered that we have a cd of music from Disneyland. They've been listening to it all morning.
Of course, this puts a hankering in us all to go to the magic kingdom!! I was even trying to figure out how old Zachy would need to be so that we could all go on all the rides this time! He's a pretty tall kid, so it could be sooner rather than later! Now to figure out how much we would have to save to be able to go sometime!
OK, so it's all a pipe dream because I'm sure Matt doesn't really want to go, maybe we could leave him here! LOL I'm kidding of course!
Anyone want to donate to the cause? We accept checks, cash, money orders, winning lottery tickets, Las Vegas winnings, valuable antiques, expensive cars...anything worth value! LOL
OK, gotta go back to cleaning, I just can't help but be in a happy mood listening to sounds of the park! HAPPY TIMES!!


Crayonsetc said...

Hey, why don't you and I and all the kids go and we can leave the dh's home ;) (My dh doesn't consider amusement parks to be a vacation)

Vicki said...

Why wouldn't Matt want to go? I think Leslie's idea is a good one, hehe, but only if you invite me too.

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