Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Today is also A Day For Hearts. National Congential Heart Disease Awareness Day.
Bet you didn't know that, did you? Bet you just thought it was another romantic day. And it is. It's just also a day for us to spread awareness of chd, and a special day to remember all the children lost to CHD. And a day to reflect on our good fortune.
I went out last night and bought lots of spring stuff. OK, one long flower box, flowers, a bird feeder hanger, and two bird feeders. Of course, I had to get seed and dirt too.
I planted most of the flowers last night, and today they look a little under the weather. Hopefully, they'll perk up. I have some left over, and I will plant them down below the porch in the ugly flower bed. I figure if I have to be here for 3 more years, I might as well make it a haven.
Wal*Mart has such cute stuff right now. I could have bought it all. Like a gazing ball pedastal with wind chimes hanging below. It was so pretty. But Matt hates gazing balls. I need something.
Our house is stukko so we can't really attach anything to the house, so it all needs to sit on the floor.
Anyhow, I'm off to meet the new pediatrician today. Should be fun!

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Robin said...

Actually I did know and usually do a special on CHD for V day on the Site. Hope your dh remembers to do something special when he gets home!

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