Monday, February 13, 2006

Flower Help and other rambles

I have such bad spring fever. I know that seems impossible to most of you in the cold states, but here it is so pretty.
We have a little patio out back with railings, and I would like to get some of those flower pots that hang over the railing.
My problem is that it is pretty shady back there. What flowers would go good in shade? I am just so ready for some blooms. It doesn't look like anyone previously has ever planted any bulbs, so not luck there.
I may buy some potted tulips for my desk, just for color.
So if you know of a great flower, that would survive the shade, and sometimes cold temps (it's been in the 40s some nights here), please let me know.
I'd take pictures of the area, but Matt has the camera.
Which is why I couldn't take pictures of Zachy's foot! But here's a visual, all the previous bites, are now scabs. How's that for lovely?!
I ordered my diapers, and I'm EXCITED! No more running out of diapers when you are at the ER! Hooray!
I miss Matt tremendously. I don't know why. Just the knowledge that he won't be here for dinner. Makes for a lazy day, that's for sure. Actually though, I'm currently bleaching the guinea pig cage (without them in it, of course) and catching up on laundry. The house is mostly clean, I know what we are having for dinner (mini pizzas), school is done, and I toned this morning. So it hasn't been a total waste.
Tomorrow, we go to the new ped. I'm pretty excited about that. They seem so nice. Just hope I can find my way.

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anna said...

I talked to Grandma today. They got snow last night and everything is white. Enjoy the warmth....and the cool, I'm sure in July or August you will wish for warm/cool. People here also have the pukes/ if Zach gets over it and you miss it, come on up!!!!! =)

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