Sunday, February 19, 2006

Since he asked..

My dad left me a comment, wondering how the appt went for Matthew.
The point of the appt was to measure the thickness of his cornea to be sure the high pressure was normal for the thickness of his cornea.
We had already done all this in the civilian world, but the dr wanted to do it herself.
So the conclusion was made that the high pressure in the right eye is consistent with the thickness of the cornea.
We went on to discuss the pain he frequently has. She wasn't sure what would be causing it, but is sending his info to a glaucoma doc and a cornea specialist. Just to be sure she's not missing something. She did say that pain like he is describing could very well be from a traumatized retina. I think that's what she said! Whatever she said, she said that that would make sense since he has had so many surgeries on that eye and it is obviously traumatized.
So there you have it. Just cornea thickness testing!

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