Monday, February 27, 2006

Holy leporinus, Batman!!

We have three leporinus fish. If you follow that link you will read that this is a peaceful fish, and good in all communities, but watch for fin nipping. They are not, however, compatible with angel fish.
We happen to have 4 angels, and no problems. However, in the last three days, these guys have killed two of our fish! They just nipped them to death. One being a betta that we put in to try and see if he could get along with the others. We were worried about him being the mean one!
Not only have they killed them, but they have completely eaten their remains. Except for the betta, which we saw in time to remove.
Poor Collin, when we first got the fish, he chose some bala sharks, that night, one died. The new gouramis were fish that he chose the other night when we went out, just him and me. Bummer. Hopefully the other one will survive.


anna said...

We gave the turtle away and move the placostamus (sp????), goldfish and guppies into an aquarium. Apparently the guppies must have been hiding under rocks where the goldfish couldn't fit. After a few days, all the guppies were dead. We didn't have time to clean it that night, and now there is no evidence that guppies ever existed. I guess goldfish aren't harmless after all. =)

Belle (Mallory) said...

bekki we had gouramis when we had a tank they were mean... we tried many different fish together before we got a good mix... rhyley liked weird fish though... we had a rubber eel that was way cool... he was the reason we got the tank in the first place... and he was nifty... then we just added a few fish at a time and let nature take its course... survival of the fittest so to speak.

btw... nice job on the music... see you did good

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