Friday, February 3, 2006

Artsy Fartsy

Collin has been wanting me to help him make a puppet today. I asked if he wanted just a face on a paper bag. Of course not. But you see, I'm not artsy, at all. So I told him he would have to wait for Matthew to finish school so that he could do it for Collin.
I tell you, Matthew can create anything with construction paper and tape. Really.
Collin told him he wanted a dinosaur puppet. So this is what Matthew came up with.

The eyes are three dimensional, clever kid.

The dinosaur is a pterodactyl (I'm sure that is spelled wrong!) so he needed wings.
After I took these pictures Matthew added a tail, and now Collin has an egg too. Silly kids.

And while Matthew was doing that, Dillon decided to set up a stand where people come and have their picture drawn. For $1.15, fake money of course. ;-)
Anyway, it's true, I must be a witch, complete with a pointy nose and chin. Poor kid, looks like he may have acquired his art skills from me.



Crayonsetc said...

Ok, I think the picture is adorable... and you are right... Matthew is very creative!!!

Shell said...

LMAO! I love the picture. And wow! Matthew did an awesome job! Doesn't it amaze you some of the things they come up with??

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