Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A few other stories

OK, since I'm telling stories, here are two more.

After we got Zachy's epi pens, I decided it was a wise thing to teach the older kids where we were keeping them, and what they needed to do if I said we needed it. I figured that if Zachy couldn't breathe, I would need to stay with him. We also went over them calling 9-1-1 and saying, "my brother was bit by fire ants and he is allergic to them, we gave him the epi pen"
So, not many days went by, and Zachy got bit (on the neck of all places), he was fine and only had a few hives, but Dillon was freaked out. Saying, "do I need to get the pen? Do I need to call 9-1-1? I can tell them that he was bit and we gave him the pen and is allergic!!
It was funny because I figure that someone can fall and crack their head open, and Dillon will call 9-1-1 and say, "my brother was bit by fire ants, he's allergic, we gave him the epi pen" LOL

Last night, while playing Life, Dillon was the police officer. When you are the policeman you get to have speeding people pay you $5000 each time they spin a 10. Well, Dillon is SO literal, we told him he could say, "you're speeding, you owe me $5,000" So all night we heard, "hey, you're speeding, give me $5,000" The funny thing about this is how tongue tied and frustrated he would get and saying, "I can't remember the words!!" Couldn't just say, "pay up!"

Tonight, on the way home from the store, Matthew and Dillon were talking.
Matthew: then the volcano went *poof*
Dillon: I hope grandma and grandpa's volcano doesn't go *poof*

This is funny because my mom lives in a place where there once was a volcano, years ago, the rock may be lava rock for all I know. Anyway, they hiked way up to the top once of what used to be a volcano. So now they are convinced that there is an active volcano that could go *poof* at any minute!

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