Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pictures galore

Because I know you all want to see Zachy's foot everyday, here it is today.

After I took that picture, Collin decided we needed to have some camera fun. Matthew and Dillon were playing on the computer, which is why they aren't here. And Matt had to go into work today!

It's a Zach attack!!

The boys were attacking me, so we decided to attempt a portrait. LOL I look terrible here!

Here's just me and Collin.

My self portrait. I'm such a plain Jane! Sheesh.

Collin decided to take some self pics. Here's his first attempt!

After he saw it, he said, "oh I forgot to smile" So here's his smile!!

Then he caught me kissing Zachy. So sweet.

Here I am after he told me to make a silly face. This is such a horrid picture!!


Robin said...

You're not a plain Jane! Be kind to yourself so that others will know that you respect yourself. G-d says so. ;-)

Crayonsetc said...

You guys look great... and you are anything BUT a plain Jane!!

Oh, and I got to practice with epi pens at my First Aid training... and Yes, you could do it, it's not hard at all!! (especially if your kiddo is going into shock!!)

anna said...

I can already tell you've lost weight!!!! good for you!!!!!

gina (uk) said...

Love these photos Bekl - they are just wonderful and I really do mean that. Never plain....never.

Vicki said...

These are the cutest pictures Bekki. Plain Jane my eye. You are just adorable, and so are your kids!!

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