Saturday, February 11, 2006

Feeling fortunate

Maybe this will be the last entry today! I'm being chatty, I know.
I just wanted to say how lucky we are.
I'm a member of a listserv (grandma, this is an email group that you subscribe to) that is for parents of kids with TAPVR (there's a specific link over on the side for TAPVR). Zachy has had no problems whatsoever since his surgery. I assumed that's how most TAPVR kids were. But being on this list, I see that we are some of the luckiest people. Many TAPVR kids, DON'T do well. Many right now, are going through more surgeries, and there are parents who have lost their kids to TAPVR. Praise God we have come this far, and are probably in the clear forever.
Keep all the CHD kids in your prayers.

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Kelly said...

My daughter was also diagnosed with TAPVR. She is 3 months old now and had her surgery when she was 3 wks. I have been looking for a way to connect with other parents that have children with this. Can you connect me with the list you are on?
I am very glad to hear your son is doing so well- it is a very tough thing to go through (for parents and the kids!) Isabella is doing well, but I do worry- mostly about why it happened. Hopefully, I will get over that someday. I keep thinking about my pregnancy and if there was anything that could have caused it. I also worry about having another child again. I do have an older child age 4 with a healthy heart. My faith in God is also the only thing that got me through this entire experience..

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