Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Links

So I've been informed by some people that the blogs I link to are quite sad.
And yes, I do have a few links to people who have lost babies.
I've added more "up" links. Half the people don't know I exist, but that's ok, because I still read them. LOL
So why do I feel the need to have links up to blogs of people I really can't relate to? Having an early miscarriage does not make you able to understand infant death. Likewise, nearly losing your infant doesn't make you able to understand either.
I really have nothing in common with these women.
Except that we are all mothers. I feel these women just want to be heard. They want someone to acknowledge the fact they even though their baby has passed, they are still mothers. They want to tell their story, to anyone who will listen.
As a fellow mother, I need to support them. And so I will continue to link.

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