Monday, February 13, 2006


I have noticed that Matt always escapes the ickies of parenthood. Ok, that's not entirely fair. He has done his share of poop and puke clean up. It just seems that everytime he is gone, I encounter such yuckies.
I vividly remember him being gone for the weekend back when we lived in Ohio. Matthew, Dillon, Collin, and myself all had some tummy upset. Nothing would stay down, and it was coming out both ends of all of us. Matthew and myself were the only ones able to make it to the toilet. Oh my, that was FUN!
But on to current issues. The antibiotics have given Zachy the runs like nobodies business. His bum is so red. I actually stopped them yesterday, so I'm hoping for a slow down on the poop fest. This morning I let him roam sans dipe. My stairs are covered in poop. Poor thing. Did I mention I'm the only one around who has stairs with carpet? I normally love that fact, but not today!!
So last night, against the warnings of sweet Robin I broke out my really old Fuzzi Bunz. I knew that their big selling point is the ability of the fleece to wick away any moisture from the skin, and it seemed so much softer than the Huggies.
I've fallen in love with them again. The first thing (and this is WAY too much info, sorry) is that is absorbed so much more of the liquid part of the movement so it didn't even send him into fits of screaming as soon as he pooped. The second was that overnight, they really did keep him dry, and his bum is looking a little less red today.
This brings me to my current predicament. I had a stash of Fuzzi Bunz when Collin and Zachy were in the medium size. Well, when I say I pulled out my OLD FBZ I mean OLD. They are missing a lot of elastic and are just too small anyway. I had sold all the "usable" dipes some time ago.
I'm thinking I want to reinvest. I can get a stock of 12 dipes with inserts for $146. I figure 12 should be plenty for a toddler. I have $50 budgeted a month for diapers. Do the math. I could start saving $50 a month in a mere 4 months. The only drawback for me, is that if I go back to cloth, I go knowing I'm taking on all diapering duties. Matt doesn't like cloth. Which really, isn't a huge deal because he's gone all the time anyway.
So, I'm already thinking of places to string my clothesline, because nothing warms my heart like cloth dipes drying on a clothesline!!
What do you all think? Should I make the move back?
Oh and along the diaper line, Collin has been dry for nights now. We told him he was a big boy and no more pull ups! So far so good!

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