Monday, February 6, 2006


I stole this from Les, over at crayons, playdough, and wax. It's funny, because I must be a lot like her, it seems like every quiz I steal of hers, I'm the same thing.

You are Fibers!
Fun and crazy at times. You are a warm fuzzy kind of person. You run around getting things done but still find time for fun! You have so many diverse interests that it is often hard to pin you down to any one thing. People love your friendly attitude and carefree ways. You often brighten other people's days. But Fibers Beware - Sometimes people don't take you seriously because of your happy-go-lucky ways. Sometimes you find yourself feeling left out from decision making that could directly affect you. Even though you like to be happy and cheerful, make sure others know that you can also be serious and in tune with reality.

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