Wednesday, February 1, 2006

The Feet Have It

Just when you thought the story of feet was over....REVENGE OF THE BIG TOE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA
OK, I can tell Matt is totally rolling his eyes at me right now!
Anyway, Zachy's foot seems to be much better. He still has a little limp, but at least he isn't crying about it all the time.
Then, yesterday afternoon, Dillon was playing basketball, on the asphalt, with no shoes. Somehow, he managed to scrape his big toe and there is a huge flap of skin that it ripped back. The skin is still there, but I'm quite sure it will probably die. Even though it looks like it is trying to heat where it tore, like the cut line.
The flap is over his toenail now. So, I'm thinking, if this does heal (would it? I mean it seems like it should just die) will it heal over the toenail?
Which brings me to...should I take him to the doctor? Now, normally, I would ride this out, BUT today we get to start seeing the civilian doctor, and I'm thinking that maybe to get Dill established, I should take him in. The kids can't just go in for physicals because they had those already this year at the military hospital, so there has to be a reason to be seen. Methinks this is as good as any? Or maybe it is just dumb. I'm thinking that maybe they could at least trim that part of skin so it isn't over his toenail. I don't know.
What to do....


Crayonsetc said...

Personally, I would just trim it off... cuz if you leave it, the flap will come off eventually anyway. I would put on some neosporin and bandage it and call it good!!! And can I say... OWWWW!

anna said...

I would probably trim it, too. I wouldn't use neosporin though, because Tim was alergic to it and ...... well, you've heard the story. =)

Anonymous said...

Leave it on until it flops around so much that it bugs him. Right now it's natures bandaide.
YOu're right, it will not survive. (rule of thumb: base of flap has to be wider than the length of the flap to survive)
I'll send you my bill.

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