Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wasn't meant to complain

I was just trying to write a post about feeling completely overwhelmed today. Blogger wouldn't let me post it.
I was in here helping the boys with school and I heard Collin saying, "I love you hachary...I love you hachy"
That's much better to post! Collin's been telling my he loves me out of the blue like crazy. It's so nice.
We met our new pediatrician yesterday. He was really nice, and we are happy with the change.
He told me that his son is allergic to fire ants so he doesn't take this lightly. He said that if you were bit on the hand and your arm swelled they would consider that a very bad reaction. The fact that he had hives all up his back and his other leg makes it a severe reaction. So he says no messing around with it.
He also said it would be best if he wore long pants, socks, and shoes all summer. IN TEXAS!! WHAT?!?!?
I'm glad we will be spending most of the summer in Idaho. Because even though the doctor said to consider him allergic to all insect bites, at least you see the yellow jackets coming. Ya know? These fire ants, you don't see them. When Zach was bit, we were at the park, which is all pebbles. There was no mound. They just lived there. Once Zach started screaming we were able to look down and see the swarm, but until then, you didn't notice it.
Maybe by next year it will easier to get him to understand how dangerous they are to him.
Then again maybe not. Last summer, the card. said he wants Zachy to wear a 24 hour halter monitor this year, that he would be old enough to understand. Are you kidding me? It would have been easier last year, we'll see how that goes!

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