Thursday, February 9, 2006

My fat loves me

It must. Otherwise, it would GO AWAY!!!
I feel like I have been working my tail off, and nothing is happening. UGH! I'm stuck at 6 pounds. I told Matt our scale must be broken because it WILL NOT let me get below that zero. Well, right now I'm at a zero point five, but still.
I've been eating good, not cheating, well ok barely. And I've been exercising my tail off. Only not literally because I still have a huge back side.
Next week I think I'll start adding toning in the morning. They say muscle burns loads more fat. I assumed I was making muscle doing aerobics, but maybe not. *shrugs*
I just want it GONE!

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Vicki said...

Sometimes just changing one thing, or adding one thing is what you need to get over that hump. I think that adding the toning in the mornings is a great idea and I really believe that it will make the difference. We went to a seminar about this just yesterday at work, and the lady had a quote that made sense... Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. She really pushed the idea that you need to switch things up to get results. Good luck Bek, I am pulling for you!

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